Toasted sourdough or gluten free with butter, peanut butter, vegemite or preserve 7


Granola, homemade toasted with almond and cranberry, natural yogurt, fresh fruit, house dried fruit, local honey 11 

(gfo +2)


Free range eggs

Dippy with soldiers or Poached on toast 12.5 (gfo)

Add          Pulled beef or pork                    5

               Smoked salmon                         5

               Chipotle hollandaise                   2.5


Banoffee crumpet, banana, salted caramel, cream, pistachio crumble, raspberry dust 14 (v)


Smashed avocado, napa kimchi, wakame peanuts, gochujang lime vinaigrette, sesame, coriander, sourdough 16.5 

(v, vgn, gfo)            Add poached egg 2.5


Breakfast board, dippy egg, sourdough soldiers, salmon, roasted mushrooms, granola w/ yoghurt & fresh fruit, orange juice, avocado, mixed seeds & feta 19.5 (gfo)


Homemade crumpets, prosciutto, brie, truffle oil, smoked sea salt 14


Spiced beef meatball sub, truffle cheese whip, tomato sugo, grilled mozzarella, herbs 16.5 


Manuka smoked salmon caesar, smoked bacon lardons, croutons, cos, grana padano, white anchovies 18 (gfo)

Add poached egg 2.5


Vegan feast, miso mushroom, pickled beetroot, pesto zucchini spaghetti, herbs, vegan feta, grape tomato, spiced toasted seeds tahini aioli 16.5 (v, vgn)


Eggs-lut, pulled beef, avocado, poached egg, chipotle hollandaise, brioche bun 15




Classic cheese (v,gfo,vgno)                                                                                                       9


Pulled pork, mac & cheese                                                                                                       14.5


Smoked ham, kasundi, onion jam, cheese (gfo)                                                                              12


Chipotle salt beef, kasundi, jalapeños, cheese (gfo)                                                                        12.5


Chicken, green pesto, sundried tomato, aioli, cheese (gfo)                                                               14.5


Haloumi, sundried tomatoes, hummus, red onion, aioli, cheese (v,gfo)                                                 12 


Parmigiana, eggplant, tomato sugo, baby spinach, cheese (v,gfo,vgno)                                               13.5 


Mushrooms, red onion, spinach, pesto, cheese (v,vgno,gfo)                                                               11


Mary St Bakery low gluten bread available (v-vegetarian) (vgn – vegan) (vgno-vegan option) (gfo-gluten free option)

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